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Future Planning

Planning for the 21/22 school year is well underway.  If you have any specific request for class placement for the upcoming school year, please send these requests to [email protected]  All requests will be... Read More

National Day of Remembrance

Monck Public School is lowering flags on June 23rd to half-mast in memory of those who have lost their lives through acts of terror in Canada and around the world. This day marks... Read More


Administration and Office

705 645 9986

Safe Arrival:  Ext 3

Ken Waddell, Principal EXT. 63020
Tania Steele, Vice-Principal EXT. 63021
Kim Wiles, Vice-Principal EXT. 63022
Marla Hyde, Head Secretary EXT. 63010
Carrie Madill, Assistant Secretary

Karen Lambert, Assistant Secretary

EXT. 63011

EXT. 63012