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Writing – a powerful tool

Writing … provides students with powerful opportunities to learn about themselves and their connections to the world. Through writing, students organize their thoughts, remember important information, solve problems, reflect on a widening range... Read More

TLDSB Learning @ Home

We have been working with the school board on a plan so that learning can continue while students are at home. Information about the “TLDSB Learning@Home” plan may be found on the TLDSB... Read More

Reading ~ it’s about asking questions

“Providing students with the opportunity to choose their own books to read empowers and encourages them. It strengthens their self-confidence, rewards their interests, and promotes a positive attitude toward reading by valuing the... Read More

Monck Bingo

Monck students and families!    Lets play BINGO together.  Please see the cards below and get your family to join in.  Remember to post some of your pictures to Twitter and use include... Read More


Administration and Office

705 645 9986

Safe Arrival:  705 645 4479

Mr. Ken Waddell, Principal EXT. 204
Mrs. Kelli Gates, Vice-Principal EXT. 203
Mr. Tim Clayton, Vice-Principal EXT. 216
Mrs. Marla Hyde, Head Secretary EXT. 201
Mrs. Carrie Madill, Assistant Secretary

Mrs. Karen Lambert, Assistant Secretary

EXT. 200

EXT. 202

School to Home Communication

Monck Public School will no longer be publishing monthly newsletters.  In order to receive school information in a more timely manner, we will be regularly posting information to our school website and on our school Twitter account.  Please visit these to spots to keep up-to-date with school information.

School Schedule


8:20-8:45 Breakfast Program
8:45 1st School bell rings
8:50 Homeroom begins
8:55 Announcements
9:00-10:50 Block One of Instruction

10:50-11:10: Primary Nutrition Break, Junior & Intermediate Recess

11:10-11:30: Primary Recess, Junior & Intermediate Nutrition Break


Block Two of Instruction


1:00-1:20: Primary Recess, Junior & Intermediate Nutrition Break

1:20-1:40: Primary Nutrition Break, Junior & Intermediate Recess

1:40-3:10 Block Three of Instruction
3:10 Dismissal

I’m Here

TLDSB I'm Here from TLDSB on Vimeo.

We know from experience, and what research confirms: showing up for school matters.

When students attend school, they are more likely to achieve in math, reading, and writing. When students are involved and invested in their school community early on, they typically remain involved and invested in their secondary school experience. Attendance matters because students who show up on a regular, and consistent basis are more likely to enrol in a post secondary program.

There are three main reasons why students miss school: they can’t, they won’t, and they don’t. Sometimes, students can’t attend because of home life needs such as illness, or family responsibilities. Sometimes students won’t attend because of interpersonal needs such as mental health challenges, emotional needs or physically safe school environments. And sometimes, students don’t attend because they and/or their caregivers do not see value in coming to school.

If your child is having difficulty attending school, please contact the school office for support.