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School Picture Days

School Picture Days will take place on Tuesday, October 15th & Wednesday, October 16th.  Below is a schedule for classes so you know when your child will be having their picture taken. Picture... Read More

PA Day

Monck Public School staff will be involved in a day of professional learning on Friday, October 25th.  Below is an agenda for the day: 9:00 AM – Planning for math instruction using the... Read More

Life-Threatening Allergies

Many people have allergies. A few, however, are life-threatening. Some students, for example, are severely allergic to peanut products, including peanut butter. Even a tiny bit can be fatal within minutes. Nuts, shellfish,... Read More

Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

In order to continue with our vision of building student independence we have introduced a revised arrival procedure.  We ask that upon arrival to school, all students access the yard until the entrance... Read More


Administration and Office

705 645 9986

Safe Arrival:  705 645 4479

Mr. Ken Waddell, Principal EXT. 204
Mrs. Kelli Gates, Vice-Principal EXT. 203
Mr. Tim Clayton, Vice-Principal EXT. 216
Mrs. Marla Hyde, Head Secretary EXT. 201
Mrs. Julie Deavu, Assistant Secretary

Mrs. Karen Lambert, Assistant Secretary

EXT. 200

EXT. 202

School to Home Communication

Monck Public School will no longer be publishing monthly newsletters.  In order to receive school information in a more timely manner, we will be regularly posting information to our school website and on our school Twitter account.  Please visit these to spots to keep up-to-date with school information.

School Schedule


8:20-8:45 Breakfast Program
8:45 1st School bell rings
8:50 Homeroom begins
8:55 Announcements
9:00-10:50 Block One of Instruction

10:50-11:10: Primary Nutrition Break, Junior & Intermediate Recess

11:10-11:30: Primary Recess, Junior & Intermediate Nutrition Break


Block Two of Instruction


1:00-1:20: Primary Recess, Junior & Intermediate Nutrition Break

1:20-1:40: Primary Nutrition Break, Junior & Intermediate Recess

1:40-3:10 Block Three of Instruction
3:10 Dismissal

TLDSB Character Education Video

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Please click on the following link to watch the latest video on Character Education in TLDSB.