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Halloween Update

Halloween is fast approaching and like many other things, it will look different this year.  We are looking forward to sharing in Halloween activities with our students on Friday, October 30th. Students in grades 1 to 8 will be... Read More

Week #4 Update

Dear parents / guardians, Week #4 is complete and the calendar has flipped to October.  Students and staff participated in the Terry Fox School Run today and even though some of the procedures... Read More


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Safe Arrival:  Ext 3

Ken Waddell, Principal EXT. 63020
Tania Steele, Vice-Principal EXT. 63021
Kim Wiles, Vice-Principal EXT. 63022
Marla Hyde, Head Secretary EXT. 63010
Carrie Madill, Assistant Secretary

Karen Lambert, Assistant Secretary

EXT. 63011

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