Writing – a powerful tool

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Writing … provides students with powerful opportunities to learn about themselves and their connections to the world. Through writing, students organize their thoughts, remember important information, solve problems, reflect on a widening range of perspectives, and learn how to communicate effectively for specific purposes and audiences. Writing also helps students to better understand their own thoughts and feelings and the events in their lives. 

Literacy for Learning: The Report of the Expert Panel on Literacy in Grades 4 to 6 in Ontario, 2004, p. 79

The Ontario Language Curriculum Grades 1-8, 2006

Daily writing practice is important for students as they grow as communicators. Whether electronically, drawing pictures or pen to paper, children need an opportunity to express themselves and make sense of what is going on around them.

We are experiencing something profound that will be defined in history. During this time of supporting your child at home, encourage them to write what they are seeing, hearing and doing. Support them to use the gift of writing to reach out to loved ones, draw a picture of the things they are doing during the day while at home. Encourage them to use social media to reach out to leaders with questions or what they are doing as a citizen during this time. Look at the impact writing a letter had for an 8 year old.

Writing has power. Empower your child to express themselves. They will take pride and have something to reflect on when the world gets past this event. They will have documentation, writing or pictures, that captures their thoughts and actions at this historic point in their lives.

Let your children write freely and begin to document history!