Winter Activities Update

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The Monck PS staff, in consultation with the Monck School Council, has developed a revised Winter Elective Program for the 2019/2020 school year to a Winter Activities program.  Some of the reasons for the changes are as follows:

  • providing cost-effective options for all families
  • managing availability of facilities
  • minimizing the interruptions to classroom programming

This revised program will see students participate in a limited variety of activities in grade based groupings.  Activities will be organized and led by classroom teachers, with the support of other school staff and volunteers.  These activities will be organized in a similar format to other class trips, and as a result, will not all take place on the same date but will be scheduled at a time that is convenient for classroom schedules.  This means that there will not be one large distribution of information and registration forms to all students & families at the same time. Registration and events will take place in smaller, spread out arrangement.

However, the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario is currently involved in a work-to-rule situation with the Government of Ontario.  This means that teachers across the province will not engage in extra-curricular activities such as planning field trips.  This includes programs such as Winter Activities.  Therefore, until the labour negotiations are settled there are currently no extra-curriculuar field trips, such as Winter Activities, being planned.

Your patience and understanding is appreciated.