Week #4 Update

Dear parents / guardians,

Week #4 is complete and the calendar has flipped to October.  Students and staff participated in the Terry Fox School Run today and even though some of the procedures for this run were different this year, it was great to see so much participation from everyone.  Another huge thank you to all parents and guardians for your support with our revised drop-off and pick-up procedures.  This process is going smoothly and students are being dropped off and picked up efficiently and safely.

Here are a few updates and reminders:

Daily Health Assessment

The Government of Ontario changed the school screening checklist for students on Thursday, October 1st, and changed the conditions for return to school following an illness. For the most current information be sure to check the Daily Health Assessment link in the pop-up window on the Monck Public School website (https://mon.tldsb.on.ca) or use the following link to go directly to the Ministry of Health’s COVID Assessment Tool.


Be sure to check these links and the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit regularly as information continues to change quite frequently.

Physical Distance

The one area where we continue to see students having difficulty meeting expectations for safety is when students are transitioning from inside to outside, and when they are outside without a mask.  It is important that students remain with their class cohort at all times while at school, both inside and outside.  Please help by reminding students that they need to remain with their class at all times while at school, including outside. Whenever they are outside without a mask, it is important to remain 2 metres apart.  If they would like to be closer to their classmates, they will need to wear a mask regardless of what activity they are involved in.

New Math Curriculum

Finally, some non-COVID related information to share.   The Ministry of Education released a new Mathematic Curriculum in June.  Below is a link to a Parent’s Guide to the new curriculum with helpful information and tips for how you can support your child’s learning.


I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and is able to be outside and take in all the beautiful fall colours here in Muskoka.

Be well