Week #3 Update

Week #3 is now complete and it almost feels like summer has returned.  Students have been spending a lot of time outside enjoying the beautiful weather.  Everyone continues to adapt to the new routines of school very well.  Your cooperation, hard work, and patience continue to be appreciated.

Here are a few reminders for everyone:

Student Masks

Students and staff are doing a great job following the expectations for wearing masks while inside the school.  However, an important reminder to everyone that when we are outside, we can take our masks off but ONLY if we are 2 metres apart from others.  If we are playing a game that requires us to be closer than 2 metres, or if we would rather sit and talk with some of our friends – and it is hard to have a conversation 2 metres apart – then we will need to wear our mask.  I hope we can all make this adjustment to our routines in order to keep everyone safe.

Illness & School Attendance

You will find the following document posted on our school website on September 24th: School Attendance: A resource for families.  This document outlines the symptoms related to COVID-19 that are on the Daily Self-Assessment and that would prevent a student from attending school on page 1.  Page 2 of this document outlines the expectations prior to the return to school following an illness that contains COVID-19 symptoms.  This procedure is a directive of the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit.  The SMDHU website contains a lot of helpful and informative information about COVID-19 protocol and procedures at schools and in the community.  Please visit https://www.simcoemuskokahealth.org/Topics/COVID-19 for more information.


Safe Arrival

A reminder that our old Safe Arrival phone number is no longer in use.  If you need to make a Safe Arrival call, please call the main office phone number and listen to the recorded message. Option #3 is the option to select for Safe Arrival.

All of the staff at Monck PS understand these are challenging times for all of us.  Routines and procedures continue to change as we all adapt to our new and changing reality.  Your cooperation, patience, and understanding are greatly appreciated.