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Hello Monck families,

It goes without saying that we are living in unprecedented times.  We would like to reach out to all of our families and offer support to you in the days and weeks to come.   We will try to post messages on a regular basis to our school website to help you keep engaged with our school community.

One important thing that school provides for students in their lives is structure.  We are used to the routine of school – holiday – school throughout the year and we can all manage these scheduled breaks in the school year calendar such as Christmas, March Break, and summer holidays.  However, our current break has been extended and this may create some uncertainty in the minds of children.  Establishing a routine around a learning structure at home is a great way to manage this uncertainty and is an important part of our mental health & well-being.  If you haven’t done so already, consider scheduling specific blocks of time at home to help with predictability and routine, stick to regular wake-up and bedtimes, and continue to have important family time to connect with one another for wellness sake.

Here is a link to an interesting article in the Globe & Mail:


Consider setting aside some time each day for specific activities such as math & science, reading, writing, the arts, and of course physical activity.   In the days to come, we will be sharing some tips and suggestions for things to do that align with the Ontario curriculum.

Another way to establish structure and routine is to create specific spaces for learning and routine.   Just like we all have a ‘spot’ we sit at the dinner table, it helps to have a ‘spot’ to read, to write, or to think.  This space for learning can be at a desk in a bedroom or at the kitchen table.

We hope you find these suggestions helpful.  We are open to feedback, tips and suggestions.  Please reach out to us at:

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Be well!