Student Safety

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Dear parents & guardians,

WE NEED YOUR HELP!  In order to maintain student safety, we are asking for your support to address two different matters with regards to end-of-day dismissal at Monck PS.


On regular school days, it is essential for students’ safety that end-of-day dismissal routines for students and staff be clear and consistent.  Changes to end-of-day routines can be disruptive and confusing. These changes can create a safety concern when messages are unclear or misunderstood.  Therefore, in order to try and prevent any miscommunications, misunderstandings, or confusion, we are going to limit any message about changes to end-of-day routines to earlier in the school day.  Our cut-off time will be 1:40 pm.  Any messages about changes to end-of-day routines MUST be received before 1:40 pm.  We will not be able to accept any changes after 1:40 pm as we cannot guarantee they will be clearly communicated.


On school bus cancellation days, end-of-day dismissal takes place at 3:10 pm.   Dismissal for students who normally would ride a bus to school is different because we have many different parents or guardians picking up students at 3:10 pm.  In order to maintain consistency for students and allow school staff to keep track of who is going where, we are going to follow regular dismissal routines. This means that:

  1. students who typically walk / get picked up from school will follow their regular routine and meet guardians at the front of the school.  
  2. students who go to the after-school program would continue to do so.  
  3. students who normally ride a bus will continue to go to the back of the school where they typically wait for a bus.  Parents /guardians are directed to drive to the back of the school and gather their children at this location at 3:10 pm.  Staff will be on hand to check them off as ‘picked up’ to ensure everyone is off safely to home.


Your cooperation and understanding of these important safety measures is greatly appreciated.