For Yourself

  •     Try your best to learn
  •     Follow classroom expectations
  •     Use technology appropriately
  •     Follow dress code

For Others

  • Walk through hallways
  • Use kind words
  • Play safely

For Our School

  •     Be where you’re supposed to be
  •     Take care of our school
  •     Represent Monck well


The school has a Code of Conduct that outlines the way in which students are expected to behave in the school.  We do expect that all students will adhere to the Code of Conduct.  Please click here for a copy. (under construction – link will be posted soon)


It is important that we all work together to stop bullying in our school. Here are some bullying myths & facts from

Myth: “Bullying is just, stage, a normal part of life. I went through it my kids will too. ”

Fact: Bullying is not “normal” or socially acceptable behaviour. We give bullies power by our acceptance of this behaviour.

Myth: “If I tell someone, it will just make it worse.”

Fact: Research shows that bullying will stop when adults in authority and peers get involved .

Myth: “Just stand up for yourself and hit them back”

Fact: While there are some times when people can be forced to defend themselves, hitting back usually makes the bullying worse and increases the risk for serious physical harm.

Myth: “Bullying is a school problem, the teachers should handle it”

Fact: Bullying is a broader social problem that often happens outside of schools, on the street, at shopping centers, the local pool, summer camp and in the adult workplace.”

Myth: “People are born bullies”

Fact: Bullying is a learned behaviour and behaviours can be changed.

For more information about bullying and what can be done to prevent it, check out these websites:

*Please contact your teacher for login information and passwords.

USEFUL LINKS – Check these out!

Prodigy Math learning

Mathies More math

Curricu-Links (

Grolier Online ( and
Universalis (Encyclopédie français) ( )

Premier AT software (
Premier Assistive Technology is available to all Ontario Students to download.

Ontario Education Resource Bank (

E-Stat Canada
E-STAT is Statistics Canada’s interactive learning tool designed with the needs and interests of the education community in mind. E-STAT offers an enormous warehouse of reliable and timely statistics about Canada and its ever-changing people.
French (
English (

Atomic Learning website (
This licence provides access for students to online training modules.

Thomson – Gale INFOTRAC Databases (You must use the links below to access the Knowledge Ontario accounts)
Elementary ( )