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Monck Public School Council
Terms of Reference


School councils across Ontario serve to influence decisions that affect students’ education and the effective operation of schools.. School councils generally consult with parents of students enrolled in the school about matters under consideration by the council. It is therefore expected that any advice provided to the school principal or school board will be based on the general views of the school community and the best interests of all students in the schooli.


The membership of Monck Public School Council (hereafter referred to as Council) are elected for a Zeyear term.. Council will reflect the diversity ofthe Monck Public School community. Parents and guardians must form the majority of members on CouncilI Council will be comprised of the following:

  • Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary (optional rotation of minutes-taker)
  • Parents
  • Principal and/or vice-principal
  • One teacher
  • One non-teaching staff
  • One student (optional)
  • One or more Community representatives (optional)
  • Nomination forms will be made available at the beginning of each Council term and must be completed by all members. lf there are more than one nomination each for positions of Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary, elections will be held.


Some Council work may be more efficiently conducted by subcommittees which may be ongoing or time-limited. Examples of current subcommittees include Healthy Lunch, Sports Swap, Fundraising, and Move with Monck.


Decisions will be made through consensus. If consensus cannot be achieved, a decision will be made by a vote which will pass by 50% plus 1 of members present. Quorum is 50% of current members. In the event that a decision is required between meetings, decision-making can occur through email and will pass with the support of 75% of current members.


Council meetings will be held at times convenient to the members on a schedule as determined at the first meeting of Council term With a minimum of 5 meetings per school year.  A call for agenda items will be made two weeks before each meeting, and the agenda will be circulated to members prior to each meeting., New business items can be brought to meetings and will be included on the agenda pending time availability.


Minutes Wiii be taken at Council meetings and distributed prior to the next

meeting. Minutes will also be posted on the TLDSB/Monck Public School’s website.

Annual Evaluation

Council’s effectiveness will be evaluated annually and the results shared with all Council members.


645-4479 – Ext. 304