Reading ~ it’s about asking questions

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“Providing students with the opportunity to choose their own books to read empowers and encourages them. It strengthens their self-confidence, rewards their interests, and promotes a positive attitude toward reading by valuing the reader and giving him or her a level of control. Readers without power to make their own choices are unmotivated.”

~ Donalyn Miller, The Book Whisperer: Awakening the Inner Reader in Every Child

“The goal is to to help children think like readers”

~ Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell

Teachers use different strategies and questions to support developing your child into becoming a reader. Being a reader goes beyond decoding words. It also involves developing fluency and building comprehension strategies to not only read the text, but to think beyond it and become a critical thinker. Teachers work with students using the 12 Strategic Actions (Fountas and Pinnell) and gauge their instruction and next moves with continuous assessment.

We suggest building conversations with your child about what they are reading during this time of supporting your child at home. This of course, looks different with older and younger children, however engaging your child with questions before, during and after reading will help your child build those comprehension and critical thinking skills that they have been working on with their teachers. Below are example questions you can adapt and use for Kindergarten to Grade 8 children.

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Using Before, During and After questions will help your child stop and think about what they are reading. It is also a great opportunity to be part of your child’s reading journey and support them until they return to school.

Thank you Monck Families. Enjoy your readers!!