Medical Plan of Care & Medications at School

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Any student with a severe allergy or life-threatening medical condition have an up-to-date Medical Plan of Care on file with the school.  It is a parent’s / guardian’s responsibility to ensure these plans are accurate and up-to-date throughout the school year.  Please contact the school office to ensure our plans for your child are accurate to ensure their safety at school.

Students should not have any medication with them while they are at school.  All prescription medications must be stored in the school office and can only be adminstered by school staff with appropriate documentation from the parent/guardian and doctor.  If your child is required to take prescription medication at any time throughout the school year, please confirm these arrangements with the school office.

Non-prescription medication also should not be kept with students during the school day.  If your child is required to take non-prescription medications such as pain medication, cold medication, etc., please notify the classroom teacher and/or school office and appropriate arrangements will be made for the safe storage and administration of these medications.

Your cooperation to keep our school a safe place is greatly appreciated.