Math ~ Thinking and Exploring

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“In a study of what predicts later school success, it was found that early literacy skills predict later reading skills and early math skills predict later mathematics skills. Early literacy skills only produced later reading skills, however early math skills predict later mathematics and reading skills. These important logical mathematical ideas kids form in the earliest years and it honestly helps them learn to learn .” 

Doug Clements – Professor of Early Mathematics Education

It is never too late to purposely talk math with your child. Here are some ideas to think about and to support your child in their math learning journey!


These next two weeks our Monck students were going to be engaged in math learning involving Geometry and Spatial Sense, specifically with location and movement of objects. What other conversation starters or activities would support your child in thinking about movement and location? Battleship, drawing maps and following maps are a few examples. 

Share some pictures and videos of you involved in math activities on Twitter (#monckmagic, @monckps).  Show us your scavenger hunts, battleship games, chess / checker games, etc.  Math is everywhere – let’s stay connected.