Halloween Update

Halloween is fast approaching and like many other things, it will look different this year.  We are looking forward to sharing in Halloween activities with our students on Friday, October 30th.
Students in grades 1 to 8 will be allowed to wear costumes this year.   We ask that costumes be simple and not require adult assistance.  We request that costumes not include full-face covering as masks are still required at school.  We also ask that you not bring additional props for your costume that are not going to be worn as students will need to take care of all of the parts of their costumes throughout the school day.  Kindergarten students are encouraged to wear orange & black or Halloween themed clothing during the day.  Due to the active, play-based nature of the kindergarten program, it is difficult to manage wearing a costume all day and most kindergarten students have difficulty changing clothes throughout the day.
Students are welcome to bring treats for themself, but do not bring treats to be shared with others.  Classes will be participating in a variety of Halloween activities in their classroom as they choose.  The intermediate division has planned a ‘Halloween Jaunt’ along the turkey trot trail for all classes, similar to our Terry Fox Run.  It is expected that students will remain with their classroom cohorts during their walk on the trail and for other activities throughout the day.
We recognize this is not the way we all want Halloween to take place for our children.  However, we do have to make every effort to put safety measures in place to help protect the health and well-being of everyone at school.
Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.  All of us at Monck Public School wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween.