Learning @ Home

Well Monck students, here we are – working from home – maybe just like the adults in your house. Just like at school, you are going to need certain things in order to be ready for learning each day. Wait … Read More

Inquiry: a world of wonder

The inquiry process: Students use the components of the inquiry process to investigate, and to communicate their findings about, significant events, developments, and issues. By applying the inquiry process, students develop skills that they need in order to think critically, … Read More

Writing – a powerful tool

Writing … provides students with powerful opportunities to learn about themselves and their connections to the world. Through writing, students organize their thoughts, remember important information, solve problems, reflect on a widening range of perspectives, and learn how to communicate … Read More

TLDSB Learning @ Home

We have been working with the school board on a plan so that learning can continue while students are at home. Information about the “TLDSB [email protected]” plan may be found on the TLDSB website. Information will continue to be added … Read More

Reading ~ it’s about asking questions

“Providing students with the opportunity to choose their own books to read empowers and encourages them. It strengthens their self-confidence, rewards their interests, and promotes a positive attitude toward reading by valuing the reader and giving him or her a … Read More

Monck Bingo

Monck students and families!    Lets play BINGO together.  Please see the cards below and get your family to join in.  Remember to post some of your pictures to Twitter and use include #monckmagic or tag @monckps so we can … Read More

Reading ~ a gateway to another world

“Students will read if we give them the books, the time, and the enthusiastic encouragement to do so. If we make them wait for the one unit a year in which they are allowed to choose their own books and … Read More

Math ~ Thinking and Exploring

“In a study of what predicts later school success, it was found that early literacy skills predict later reading skills and early math skills predict later mathematics skills. Early literacy skills only produced later reading skills, however early math skills … Read More

Music – the universal language

Music helps bring people together.   We can all appreciate the joy and power of music, whether or not we feel we are musical ourselves.   Below are some websites to help you engage with music and there are many, … Read More

Science – creative and fun

Are you looking for a fun & simple activity to do at home?   Watch the fun video below about the power of structures (Grade 3 Science).   Can you complete the challenge at the end of the video?  If you don’t … Read More

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