Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

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In order to continue with our vision of building student independence we have introduced a revised arrival procedure.  We ask that upon arrival to school, all students access the yard until the entrance bell rings at 8:45A.M. Students should be prepared for the changes in weather and ensure that they are dressed for the temperatures that our Muskoka climate has to offer.  Our yard is supervised from 8:20-8:45A.M. There is a cart at the back of the school to return musical instruments. Our breakfast program has changed and healthy options are distributed to classrooms after the arrival bell.

Students who arrive after 8:50 A.M. must continue to obtain a late slip from the office. 

It is essential that all parents who enter the school sign-in with our office staff.  At Monck Public School we honour our 300 minutes of daily instruction. Our instructional day begins at 8:50 and ends at 3:10.   We strive to limit the number of interruptions during the instructional day. Please aim to have your child in class for during these hours.

During arrival and dismissal procedures, teachers need their full attention on their students. We want to encourage parents to meet with their child’s teacher at predetermined times.

Thank you for your continued cooperation during arrival and dismissal procedures.